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The preparation for Mr. T in General Store who has dealings who is and original goods is held concurrently and it has contacted since summer before each other. Mr. T is doing the work of the purchase agency in Thailand now.

Two Comi Cation is taken from this summer to autumn as many as three times by hearing the flood occurred in the desire to the work of Mr. T, the attitude, sticking to, the producer, and the town in the communication of mail while consulting while I also am preparing it.

It is considerably persuasive, and studies the talk of Mr. T with a long business.
"Live with the producer" is a concept of the business of Mr. T. It is felt that he overwhelmed by Mr. T who thinks by sticking to and attaching deeply and deeply what living is is, and there are a lot of insufficient one today.

It is scheduled to go to Thailand to stock while getting the power of Mr. T
before the end of the year or the new year.


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